Thursday 31 May 2012

Egoisme : Melinda Skin

Egoisme is happy to present their latest skin for women called Melinda released today. It comes in 5 skin tones but each tone can be customised to the perfect shade for you using the Vividtone tattoo layer available seperately.  There are 7 make-up packs available including lipsticks and eye-make ups to further customise your look. There is also the teeth add-on.  I have chosen a selection of the make up available as there are too many combinations to explore here. I recommend you take the taxi  to the store and try the demos.

What is Vividtone

VIVIDTONE is a new technique made to enhance the skin tone without the loss of detail.  As we all know, many skin builders do not allow their skins to be modified.  Skins that are modifiable, however, lose definition as the color changes.  VIVIDTONE is a new way to work with (modify) 3D skins while keeping the importance of the details that make every skin unique.  VIVIDTONE is worn as a tattoo layer.  The Second Life tattoo layer has become a valuable source in fighting the illegal use of copybots and those that would use them to steal content from designers of all types.

How does it work?

 After putting on the VIVIDTONE layer, right click your avatar and choose "Appearance" from the pie chart.

- Select the Tattoo Layer and click on Color.  Choose your desired color by using the slide on the right of the window to give you the right shade.  Click "OK" to save the layer.

While changing color from one tone to the next, you will notice that the skin maintains definition and details such as shadowing and resolution.

VIVIDTONE allows you to have the best skin - YOUR skin tone.  How many times did you buy a skin only to turn around and spend more lindens to buy another tone of the same skin?  With VIVIDTONE, you only need to buy the skin once!

All poses by Frooti!

FP [Faster Pussycat] Siren Mesh Corset Royal (XS)
FP[ Faster Pussycat] Roses hood Black
:: PM :: Bubble Earring in Ebony 
:: PM :: Bubble  Necklace
LpD Eyeliner Black
Izzies Cats Eyes Liner Black

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