Sunday 3 March 2013



March 9th – March 17th
FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 opens to the public at 12pm SLT on March 9th and runs for a whole week.

Visit the 9 sims and see the latest SL styles and accessories, party in the event zones and watch fashion shows produced by a range of top agencies.
FASHION FOR LIFE is helping to raise funds and awareness on behalf of RELAY FOR LIFE, so shop until you drop and help support this good cause.

Style Card

Evian - Jade Skin - PALE ( Dark brows ) Normal NEW!! [Info Below]
Evian - Jade Skin Makeup - Deep Red Gloss NEW!!!
Evian - Jade Skin Makeup - Eyeshadow Black Smoke NEW!!!
:DEW:. Stella Red Dress MESH @ Relay for Life NEW!!!
BooN URU697 hair red
-Glam Affair- Glitter Eyeliner (2) in Black
-Glam Affair- Queen of Roses Geisha
- Shoes Carrie - 12colors  REDGRAVE  NEW!!!!
 [MANDALA]pinecone earring/red
Slink Mesh Hands Elegant



Jade Skin

The seduction of the Orient joins the Bond girls. Welcome the exotic beauty that catches every mans eye when she enters the room. Hang on to your husbands she takes no prisoners. Welcome the sexy, Jade!!!

Her seductive gaze charms and her enigmatic smile curls up as she whispers in his ear: "You can always try but... you'll never have me...."

Her silky whisper spirals into his mind as her tongue runs over his shoulder. He gulps as her  long fingers rub across his muscled chest.

Suddenly she pushes the man to the floor and  blocks him with her heel, her mini dress barely covering her sinuous shape, the air blooming with the heat of the moment....

EACH PACK have 12 skins, 3 cleavage design, 3 different eyebrows options and a no  eyebrows option.

Options available on  fat packs only: 20 makeups plus tattoo hairbase vividtone, shape and shape compatible LOLAS

LOLAS HUD to match your accessories with the new wonderful skin you want for you!



VIVIDTONE is a new technique made to enhance the skin tone without the loss of detail.  As we all know, many skin builders do not allow their skins to be modified.  Skins that are modifiable, however, lose definition as the color changes.  VIVIDTONE is a new way to work with (modify) 3D skins while keeping the importance of the details that make every skin unique.  VIVIDTONE is worn as a tattoo layer.  The Second Life tattoo layer has become a valuable source in fighting the illegal use of copybots and those that would use them to steal content from designers of all types.

While changing color from one tone to the next, you will notice that the skin maintains definition and details such as shadowing and resolution.

VIVIDTONE allows you to have the best skin - YOUR skin tone.  How many times did you buy a skin only to turn around and spend more lindens to buy another tone of the same skin?  With VIVIDTONE, you only need to buy the skin once!

As an added benefit, you can also mix the VIVIDTONE layers.  For example, you can wear the hairbody VIVIDTONE layer over the shaved skin layer to have less hair on the body.  In other words, you can combine the VIVIDTONE layers with the skin layers to have not only your tone, but also an opportunity to show off your unique personal style!


With Vividtone


           Poses BeBo
              Focus Poses Pin Up

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