Thursday, 1 November 2012

||Still Life||

         Pose:::Del May::: STILL LIFE

Style File
+Ezura + Peu Loli *Red Skirt WITH Flowers NEW!!!
+Ezura+ Ballerina Pumps in black latex with or without heel options. NEW!!!!
Mia Snow Sweety Pale Skin PALE w/ bra cleavage with LIPS red
Teeth (wear with Teeth-space) *REDGRAVE*
FuLo - Mesh "Pagoda" earring - Ruby @ L'Accessoires  NEW!!
:AVid: The UnAngel - Winged Collar  NEW!!!!
:: PM :: Swan Jeweled Brows ALL COLORS -both brows-@ L'Accessoires
*BOOM* Dame Elbow Gloves (coal) mesh
*Bliss Couture*! Korin Hat - Ruby @ L'Accessoires
"LoQ Hair" Tiramisu - Black


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