Sunday 20 May 2012


Pose::Apple Spice

Another imaginative creation from the fabulous Ezura Xue, called Dragoness.  Consists of a two piece leather bra top & shorts (Not shown here), helmet & gloves. Also included is a fabulous feather jacket which I combined with LWL feather dress. I loved the combination of the textures, the stark harshness of the fire and the softness of the feathers worked well. To complete the shot I chose one of the *Action* range of poses from Apple Spice. (Shot one) For the second shot I chose the simple Photoshot range of poses from BehaviorBody [antosperandeo.allen]. I love the strong stance, powerful yet ladylike. Great combination!!

Ezura + Dragoness *Black Feather Jacket
LWL [LWL] IT Dress (bottom)
LWL[LWL] IT Dress (top)
HouseofFox :: LeatherGarter Socks
Ezura + Dragoness *Black Gloves
Ezura+ eX + [ezura Xue] Mai eXtreme Ankle Boots *Black w/ Spikes 
Ezura + Dragoness *Black Dragon Head Helmet [ezura Xue]
~Glam Affair~-Glam Affair - Giselle - Sent to Destroy  10


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